We're looking for young humanitarians who choose fair.


The upcoming generation doesn’t just see unfairness—they fix it. Year after year, U.S. Cellular has supported kids doing good in their communities, whether they’ve built tornado relief kits or played music for dementia patients.

Congratulations to this year’s first recipients. Scroll down to read about how Mackenzie, Paige, and Aaliyah are making a big difference in their states.

Nominate a young humanitarian today and they could receive a $10,000 grant toward their cause.


Winter Class of 2020

Mackenzie – Mount Olive, NC

At age 10, Kenzie felt it was only fair that everyone had access to healthy meals, so she started her nonprofit, the Make a Difference Food Pantry. Now 15, she has expanded the organization to include a fixed food-distribution site; mobile feeding programs for the elderly and children; and outreach pantries to help more North Carolinians in need. She also established Kenzie’s Kids Summer Feed Program, which involves cooking and delivering 400 hot meals every Friday. Her Mobile Disaster Feeding Program served those affected by Hurricanes Matthew, Harvey and Florence. To her, “It’s not just about the food, but how you make people feel.” Since opening the nonprofit in 2014, she and her team have provided just short of two million meals, because it’s only fair that everyone have access to hot meals.

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Paige – Appleton, WI

After hearing that a family friend with an intellectual disability had been defrauded, Paige wanted to help teach vulnerable people in her community how to protect themselves and their money from scammers and ill-intentioned strangers. She decided a board game would be a fun way to teach basic financial literacy, so she created the SuperConsumers Financial Literacy Project. To date, she has presented her game to over 150 teens and adults with intellectual disabilities in her local school district, and she has been interviewed about the project on two local news stations. Building on this momentum, she plans to work with a local nonprofit to develop a new curriculum and donate more of her board games to special education classes and community organizations.

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Aaliyah – Cedar Falls, IA

When Aaliyah was growing up, she always shared her stuffed animals and blankets with the foster kids who stayed in her home. She noticed that the gesture gave them comfort, and she wanted to share that with other foster kids in her community. Aaliyah started Furries 4 Fosters, which allows her to collect new stuffed animals and blankets for foster kids. This has prompted an ongoing partnership with Cedar Valley Angels to help distribute tote bags filled with comfort items. She has worked with Kadens Kloset’s Christmas Wonderland, too, to ensure every child gets a warm and fuzzy gift for the holidays. Since starting Furries 4 Fosters, Aaliyah has also donated hundreds of blankets to the Allen Hospital Child Protection Center and local DHS offices.

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